We are a sea tribe who paddle long boats in rough water conditions in the northwest of Spain.

Our playground is the chaotic frontier among the mighty Atlantic ocean and the ancient Galician coast, where it was said, in the ancient times, that the world ended and the maps showed terrifying creatures……

Rockgardens, ocean surfing, currents, cliffs, big swells, uninhabited islands, gale force storms………… Once you have been paddling between dragons, is not possible to paddle like a human again .

It is a one way trip.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


By Fugy


The "Escuadra Cantabra" in Ons

In 2011, in a weekend trip to Ons island, I coincided for the first time with four members of the ACKM, the Cantabrian Sea Kayak Asociation.

Along the trip, I realized that they were  this kind of paddle fellows that you can  count as friends. That weekend we shared so much laughs, jokes and good moments... Definitively, the remarkable of these days was neither the sea nor the islands, but the persons.

.....and the ACKM Pin
the ACKM Sticker.....

From this day, a sticker of the ACKM adorns my car and a pin marks in my Kayak Wall the memory of these prominent figures.

In my mind always was present to return the visit to them in their lands and seas, plans that for one or another reason I could not materialize.

So imagine my surprise when my wife one month ago told to me that it would be nice to go on holidays to Cantabria, which must be very beautifull … … .. mmmmm, let me think ….. OK!!!!.

Altamira paintings
Sonia's mind was thinking about relax and walks, museums and visits … … mine about the Cantabrian Sea, kayaking, Edu, Martin and the ACKM. Finally I obtained a satisfactory planning for all, I would paddle on Saturday and Sunday mornings while the family knew Santander, and in the evenings we would visit some of the more emblematic places of Cantabria: Altamira, The Soplao Cave, Cabarceno Park....

El Soplao....Just Amazing!!!


These dudes have Peligros beach as their base, placed in the Bay of Santander, and from there on Saturday we headed the water taking a West course up to Langre. 

The Jouney begins
The journey was a great gathering,
 8 paddlers from 5 regions:

Edu, Martin, Alberto and Chente (Cantabria)
(Pais Vasco)
(Madrid, now Cantabrian in law) 

In the jacuzzy
We went to the sea in low tide with 4 feet waves along cliffs with a paralel line of rocks that create an intermediate zone of calm waters known as "The swimming pools", this time the tide was too low to enter them. 

Back to Peligros

Swell was small but the sea was beating hardly against the line of rocks, moving the kayaks by the compass of the reflected waves. 

trying a Looping

Returning to Peligros, we made a brief stop to ride a couple of waves in Somo's beach and once in land, a great lunch was ready for the braves.

Let me say that 8 kayakers went to the water, but I want to thanks to all people who came to 
Peligros to say hello and for diverse reasons were not able to accompany us in the water,
 someones for work (go SUP Cesar!!!) and someones for injury (Get well soon!!!).

Martin in Mayor Cape
On Sunday we took East Course  Edu, Martin, Lourdes and I paddled passing El Sardinero beach towards Mayor Cape , we went by the shadow of a steep cliff coast where the waves were creating an entertaining rebound.

THOD Cantabrian Spot

 Near the "Pantheon of the Englishman", I saw one interesting rocky Spot at the foot of the cliff, so there the Dragon goes, and after crossing it slowly, enjoying the foam, I relax … … and a small two-footer put me upside down, finishing with the helmet against one of the submerged rocks … .. esquimo and laughs!!!!!.

Few minutes later we headed back to Peligros, Martin turn on the turbocharger saying that he had to attend to some social matters, and on having come to the beach we discover these matters …

Crazy SUP time!!!!

... he was with my children playing in SUP,
so last hour, with Edu as support craft, 
we were falling again and again into
the water and laughing non-stop.

The Beautys........

And after another great lunch the time to say goodbye arrived … .. greets until the next time and thank you very much for everything....the cantabrians, the Spare Dragons,  a people who is worth knowing!!!!!

.....and the Beasts!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Season, New Tasks.


Zipper  VS  Mr. Mate

Ocean boating in rough conditions can be demanding, but try to transmit you our experiences, crazy ideas and thoughts in this blog (and in english of course) it is a hard load supported until now by Mr. Mate´ shoulders. Good proof of it is the current mental health of our good friend and blogmaster.....


You don't want to see a non-friendly talk.....
Summer is ending and after a friendly talk, THOD have decided to establish a new line of work in everything relative to the spreading of the tribe in Internet and some tasks have been re-assigned.

Possibly you have realized that the edition of  the last videos was in the hands and in  the Roberto's insane mind. This is one of the new roles.  

Fugy gravity proyect

In the other hand, Fugy is going to be editing and supervising the blog......yes, somebody didn't realized that DR SWIM
takes lots of time working in very important tasks.


Other dragons have had better luck with the caprices of the fortune and are kept in their habitual roles.


Berto maintains his position as 
   Rock Impact Beta Tester 

  ......and Xose is working in some articles...
...ARE YOU, BRO???



Yes, it is a hard job for us, but we are dragons, we like the difficult things almost so much as cold beer.

 We believe that doing always the same tasks might lead us to fall down in the routine, with the risk of being monotonous for us and for you with the passage of time. 
With these changes and modifications we do not want to change our spirit, but to diversify and to strengthen it.

  THOD hope that this changes like you and anyway
 all comments are welcome.