We are a sea tribe who paddle long boats in rough water conditions in the northwest of Spain.

Our playground is the chaotic frontier among the mighty Atlantic ocean and the ancient Galician coast, where it was said, in the ancient times, that the world ended and the maps showed terrifying creatures……

Rockgardens, ocean surfing, currents, cliffs, big swells, uninhabited islands, gale force storms………… Once you have been paddling between dragons, is not possible to paddle like a human again .

It is a one way trip.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013



We are serious men, it's not our fault to act like CRAZY GOATS!!!!


LOOK, it's a bird, it's a plane....... IT'S SUPERMAN, no wait, I can't see his underwear....... it's MR MATE!!!!

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kayakers, actors and comedians

One of the best compliments that THOD received, was from a friend of us who lives in the antipodes. 

One day she wrote us: 

"You guys are kayakers, actors and comedians"

  Right, I don´t know why she said that....

Seriously, we try it.

We try to be good paddlers with a high skill level, strong minds and good shape because it's the only way to feel the energy of the ocean. The "Force".

But as important as that, it's enjoy with your brothers in arms

Don't let our egos paddling with the team and show to other open-minds how funny it can be.

THOD like and support PLAYFULL AND CREATIVE attitudes, NOT superstars kayakers or fashion masters behaviors.

Our sense of the ridiculous is going down every day so we decided to celebrate it with a new section in the blog called: 

In comic/photonovel format our "alter-ed egos" are going to ride the wild side of the ocean kayaking with their politically incorrect points of view.

The first issue will be published next week in the blog, with the introduction of one of this liability adventurers.


Enjoy with the Flying Circus or hate the dragons but pay these guys some beers !!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New eyes for the dragons.

THOD are like big childs. We like toys and we like to play with them.


To use for the first time the new cams, 
Gopro Hero 3 Black edition 
(especial thanks to www.kpsport.com) we went last week to one of our favourites spots for rockgardening in the early morning and after that, we celebrated the first barbacue of the spring with the whole tribe and friends

              The sea conditions were very easy, but the place is sublime. 

It´s located somewhere in the ancient coasthidden somedays by the fog.

         We spent the morning surfing in the reefs,

          playing in the rockgardens,

           trying out with the cams,

             exploring the coast

and testing new ways and new locations for filming.

We know we are very lucky because we have still much to learn.

We love our boats, our Goltziana kayaks


Well, they are cool,  seaworthies, extremely tough constructed and sometimes you can find surprises like this in the hatches.

But when the beer and the Porto wine are finished, Óscar usually goes crazy, possessed

A real dangerous man !!!

 In this occasion, he stole the ball to a small childs and ran away....

Roberto prefered to call the sun with a stupid dance in the roof of the motorhome
(Neighbours asked Mima if I have smoked grass......)

"Confidence in your comrades is one of the most important skills for paddling in rough water conditions" Sure, as next picture shows....

 Berto is ready to protect the barbacue with his life but, who will protect the barbacue from Berto?. It wasn´t a good idea to name him Chef....

Ahhh........that´s right.  Xose on his own, who knows..... speaking with the flowers or counting ants.

Thanks again to José Manuel de Dios (the serious gentleman between Óscar and Eduardo)for the pictures in land

You can see more of his work here:

"Tusta"  trying to steal the motorhome again. A cause of that I never, and I have said NEVER, left the ignition key put in. 

Certain member of THOD seems is getting older. So we are going to pass Xose next summer as the fourth dragon because as physiotherapist, he will take care of the old dragon.....

We burned rules, monotonypreconceptions, conformity and bad energies.