We are a sea tribe who paddle long boats in rough water conditions in the northwest of Spain.

Our playground is the chaotic frontier among the mighty Atlantic ocean and the ancient Galician coast, where it was said, in the ancient times, that the world ended and the maps showed terrifying creatures……

Rockgardens, ocean surfing, currents, cliffs, big swells, uninhabited islands, gale force storms………… Once you have been paddling between dragons, is not possible to paddle like a human again .

It is a one way trip.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Last weekend THOD drove to A Coruña again. 

Few days ago we visited these lands in "Ice Waves Bastiagueiro ", where we knew several seakayakers and surfkayakers. And on Saturday some of us were going to be present at the annual assembly of the AGKM (Galician Association of Sea Kayak), so we proposed to our friend Jakoi to do an informal meeting with the Ice Waves People to catch a few rides together.

Jakoi spoke with Javi, The "godfather" of kayaksurf in Galicia, and he arranged to meet on Sunday morning in the "Ice Waves Resacon", a day of brotherhood sharing waves and knowledge with different boats in an undetermined beach.


On Friday we took the van and went to Miño avoiding to have to get up early the following day. Not more sleeping in the soil or shrunk in the van seats!!!!! This time I came with my new hammock … … .the better invention of the humanity … .. My little snorer warthog and I slept so tight …..

Since Xose was sleeping in A Coruña and Jakoi was not available on Saturday, we decided to conquer his seas before the assembly, taking the advantage that Hercules Tower would be defenseless.

We waked up early and drove late to A Coruña, after two or three breakfasts and greeting the people of the AGKM who was going to paddle in the Betanzos Ria. Xose was ready and waiting for us in San Amaro Beach, so when we arrived he told us a few words to give the weather report and.... to the water Dragons!!!…

The references that we had from another people were that this spot is a dangerous zone with lots of submerged rocks, in addition none of us had kayaked there before, so we decided to turn on a more conservative safety protocols

-          Xose on Friday took charge of the meteorological forecasts and to examine the zone looking for satellite images in Internet to locate potentially dangers.
-          Once in the water we paddle in close formation and without approaching in excess to the shoreline.
-          While paddling we kept an eye in the breakers and the lines of foam far in front of us to have a clear idea along several series of waves.
-          When we were in rocks we waited for more series than habitual before doing the crossings, etc.

This is a good moment to say that last month is the second time that we meet a inussual huge wave after the big ones in a serie appearing from nowhere..... just to remind to be cautious out there!!!


Close to Orzán Beach we found a rocky place where we play for long time, wet exit included and laughs making Xose go crazy contradicting him while he played the role of the rescuer in charge... 
what the F*** is he doing between the kayaks??!!  Grrrrrrr


Man......Never steal the kayak from the Mad Sister of the Rock!!!!!

Time passed by, and Berto had the idea of going out of the water climbing the rocks at the shadow of Hercules' tower, why? .... and why not???, so we land and while Xose and I were going up and down like mules carrying the kayaks over the shoulders, Berto was running across A Coruña to the Parking, stuffed in his drysuit in the middle of the city… you can imagin the face of the people… LOL!

From the Tower we returned to Miño to be present at the assembly and to the AGKM dinner…

After that, and some coffes, licours, chats and several laughs, we conquer the area of the tennis club to pass the night … .. in order to prevent an attack from the local people, we set a missile ready for the assault in the roof of Juanillas’ Tank.

Early next morning, we drove to Ferrol to meet Mr R., Jakoi and the kayaksurf people, a quick breakfast and... let’s go to the beach to ride waves.

To see the seakayaks, kayaksurfs and waveskys sharing waves was epic, it was a morning of little waves but great people. Some good rides and some trumbling in the foam. 
There was time to exchange boats, to make jokes, laugh with crazy moments and to take advantage of the maneuvers of the short kayaks to make various captures just where the wave was breaking … the shoots were good but also they cost me a good number of wave slaps in the face… .. at less I was wearing the helmet with ears protection...

There is not words to explain the "RESACON"......let the shoots talk themselves.........

Best of all, we knew new people, good people that we hope to meet soon in future trips and meetings.

In few words, another GREAT weekend in the water with greater company ….DIFERENT BOATS, SAME PASSION!!!